Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Senior Prom 2012

Gosh I'm probably the last talking about my school senior prom.
Okay, so during the day of prom, I headed to Stephanie's house in the afternoon and my two other friends Anne and Tsering were there too.


So we stayed there till 5pm and headed to our Prom's venue which started at 6pm.
We thought we were the earliest but no, there were other students that reached there.
Our other friends reached and all.
And duh, we all started taking pictures.

I'm really lazy to post the rest of my photos. but you can check it out on my Facebook profile okay?
It's Nihlah Suhailah.
That's all actually. Prom was great, I guess I won't be seeing my schoolmates that much from now on. 

So anyway, now's the holidays yo!
Time to chill, sleep late, wake up late and get a job.
For those of you who don't know yet,
I am working at Science Center Singapore but not actually at the place where they wear those white and orange uniforms.
I'm working at the Defence Science Revealed (DSR) exhibition.
And I swear, guys, it's freezing there. But fortunately, it's a fun environment.
My colleagues are fun people and I'm probably the youngest there.
 If you follow me on Twitter, you can see my tweets on how awesome they are actually.
It's already December, one month closer to 2013.
Everyone living their lives to the fullest yet?
I'm still trying to learn how to play ukelele, sadly. But hey, at least I'm learning something.
Gotta go, will update soon. Bye guys!



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