Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's 2013, guys.

And as you know, I feel really bored with anything right now. My job is too boring where I'm just gonna stand there in my station waiting for visitors to come and for me to explain to them. Now, school started, Science Center would probably be almost empty. I'm still waiting to be enrolled in poly which starts in mid April and Im not quite sure how excited I am about it yet.

I've been really bad to my loved ones lately. My friends. My family. I feel like I'm a disappointment sometimes and a burden, especially and I wish I could sort of change that. My brothers are technically the smart ones where I am just, what most of them say on Tumblr, a potato. I feel awkward in my family like I never really belong there. I'm not even showing a good example of a sister and a daughter. My mum has to constantly nagged at me pushing me to do well. Now, i did fairly well and am heading to poly. I feel like I'm not doing this for myself and just for my mum, which sucks because I don't actually have a specific goal in life. All I did was to follow the obvious path each Singaporean student follows - PSLE, O/N Levels and now I'm heading to poly and afterwards, university (if I ever get to go in). I was never really serious in anything before and that's one thing I hate about myself. I rarely read nowadays, gosh, have to buy a book to read I swear.

Like I said, it's 2013, guys. I should be planning something for myself and creating resolution for this year. But I'm not.



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