Thursday, January 31, 2013

1: Feyna.

So Feyna actually headed to my house the other day.
I don't know when's the last time she actually came to my house hahahaha.
So we got camera-crazy.

And we used my green cupboard as the background which explains the linings on the background.

If you guys don't know yet, Feyna and I known each other since we're in Nursery (which I think around 4 years old, i don't know la, around there.)
I don't quite remember how we met, which is obvious, because we were just kids.
But all I know is, we probably made the best childhood memories ever (well, for me of course).
She leads me thru everything and gives really great advices.

She gives really great advices and was always there for me. 
I'm eternally grateful to her actually and I hope she would stopped thinking bad about herself actually
because she is beautiful the way she is now.

She's been there since like ever.
Thank God for this :)

I have four best friends so I will continue with my best friends post soon!



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