Sunday, January 27, 2013


Major apologies on the slow updates on my blog.
So its coming to the end of January 2013 and I am still unsure how I feel yet.
Things have been quite hectic lately especially this week. I'm going thru a lot of changes this week.
Family, friends, school. and changes in my relationship status-enough said.
So yeah. I am heading to my new school, Ngee Ann Poly this mid April.
I hope things will go well for me this year even though it did not really started so well.

As you can see, my curled hair is looking natural now because of Loreal's Curl Power. So yeah.
I will try my best to update as frequent as I can but it's been a busy month for me.
I hope, by February, things will go smoother I guess.
Probably still grateful to the friends who still stay with me till now.
So now, back to playing ma ukulele. I'm getting good at it hahaha. :x



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