Thursday, April 11, 2013

2. Mun

Munirah has been my best friend since we were Secondary 2.
She is usually a quiet person but when she's crazy, yeah she's too crazy. 
And I'm somehow haven't gotten used to it. Hahahaha!

With Mun, we had quite a number of fights. I can't deny that.
Yet, we were still there when one of us were down. 
I mean, yeah we were angry with each other but that didn't mean we stop caring, did it?

Oh, one more thing. It's her birthday today!
She's like officially 17! And I hope she will do well for her 'O's. 
Even though we're not in the same school now, I'm really really sure we will keep contact.
I hope she likes my presents although it's not much really. I bet the others will get her way alot better presents than mine. Sucks that I have camp today too. -_-
I hope you'll enjoy your birthday. Make a full use of it and I'm sure you'll have a great day ahead.
Don't forget to study hard and do well for exams. It's a really (another) big year for you.
You cannot screw up this time. Just study hard at school and home.
And be confident because it adds a lot to doing well in your studies too. 
Love you, Mun!

*I wanna be 17 too. Sigh*



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