Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day One at NP.

My first day of school was down-to-earth the most exhausting day I've ever had.
Not having school for 6 months could be part of the reason - still not used to it.
As I'm a PFP student, I am like considered Year 0 so all PFP students don't really had any orientations during the first week. So all of us headed to class straight once we reached there. My class had lessons straight and there were seldom any ice-breaking session or what la. Sad life right? :(
I think the school is celebrating its 50th birthday or something so we don't have school on the whole (day or week?) of school. And I love the NP50 t-shirt they gave us. It's so cute!

And mine's like red! My favourite colour lol. Some get the blue one. Lucky me.

Anyway, still haven't gotten used to school yet and the shitty weather is one of the HUGE reasons. Why can't it be a very nice weather? Neither too cold or too hot. But my class is great and so is my school. So yeah hahaha. Not much to post okay sorry. I just reached home and my hands just like literally reached for my laptop. I haven't unpacked my bag yet or what. Just sat down and blog hahaha.

Me and three of my secondary school friends ^^

 So, it's already the second day now and it was not bad although it was a really long day. So I'm really really exhausted. Will blog soon although I don't quite know when hahah.


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