Saturday, April 20, 2013


I thought I should just quickly make a post before I start studying later on.
So anyway, I made it for Magnitude last Friday (April 19).
Magnitude is the name/theme of this year's freshmen dance party and everyone has to dress in black and white. The queue for the party was incredibly long that it was stretched to the first floor. I went with Steph and we met Harith, Shana, Ting Hui there so we decided to go in together.

The ticket. Major Earthquake which I think represents the freshies. (something to do with Magnitude, right?)

It's either the place suddenly went dark or it's just my camera.
They gave us two lightsticks and a badge for the entry to the party.

The lights outside the hall were pink at that time so that explains this picture.


The party was really crazy. Everyone was jumping and raising their hands and it was squeezy at the front. But yeah, me, steph & Harith just want to be squeezed lol. (hollaaaaa~)

 Okay, so this was when me and my group (all the people from the above pictures) formed a circle of our own and we started dancing and suddenly people started joining us and the circle became bigger and and the middle of the circle was like a stage for those who wanted to dance.

Crazy party, guys. Ask anyone who were there. It's really crazy. An awesome welcome to us freshies :)
I don't know why I seem to have time to blog haha. 



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