Saturday, April 13, 2013

Past few days

Went out with Stephanie the other day.
We headed to her mum's boss' restaurant which is so fancy and so nice hahahah okay.
And we had free lunch too. See how great her mum is.

And our food arrived! I don't quite remember the names of our dishes okay sorry.
So here's my dish which is so amazing and delicious.
(Sorry I suck at food pictures.)

And here's Steph's. Looks great too!

And we decided to take another picture of ourselves but with our dishes this time lol.

What I wore that day. I swear it's been a while since I wore a skirt and look all girly all over.

We went down to Haji Lane afterwards but didn't take any pictures because the heat was too intense ugh.
And these are what I bought from there.

Although it totally eats my money away, I still love them a lot!
Oh me and Steph actually bought the same bag but hers is black.
And the wedges are so nice and it cost like just $20?!!!!!

And the black pullover is like too simple but I just could pair them up with printed bottoms and it looks just great!

That day was really well-spent. It's been awhile since me and Steph had a proper quality outing lol.
And the next very day is my pfp was quite great. it was actually boring the first day but the second day was great. Oh, Steph and I were like in the same group how coincidental aha.

Look how shagged we were.

Made friends with a pretty Pinoy girl, Geneva, who slept with me and Steph in our rooms.

And others too. Pardon my eyebags and sleepy eyes

My camp group, Snorlax. Yes all the groups names were from Pokemon.

And I caught Oblivion for the first time and I swear I don't understand it at all.
It's actually the first time I don't understand a movie. Sucha waste.
Aerenia was like criticising how bad the movie was and saying people would've thought it was a waste of money for the audience to come and watch a Tom Cruise movie. But it's true.
So that's what I did for the past few days and now I'm going to get my rest for today and tomorrow.
And school starts on Monday and I feel quite nervous already sigh.



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