Friday, May 24, 2013

3. Stephanie

Okayla this is quite obvious actually because I usually mentioned her in Twitter and she has been in a few of posts before. 

But I still want to talk about her. So say hello to Stephanie.

How did we met? I don't even remember how we did but I certainly remembered how we became best friends duh haha. It was actually during the early days of Secondary 3. I had a really, really huge 5-6 months long argument with one of my good friends (Let's not go there, shall we?) Yeah, and I guess she stood by me throughout those hurtful months. Like, to the extend, I couldn't turn to anyone but her. I was always with her literally all the time in secondary school till I was quite scared I became too clingy you know :( Yet, she didn't mind at all and that was how both of us became really close - Because of an argument that I wish will never happen again to me. It was really a painful period yet I thank God for this to happen. If it weren't for that particular argument, we wouldn't be this close right now. 

She's really an awesome friend and I swear I really don't want this friendship to be those kinds that fade away once we rarely see each other which is now. She's probably the only one I can be really and truly weird and talk crap to and she won't judge me for it.....and be weird and talk crap to me too. Poly starts and she already has new and great friends and I am glad she is happy with her life now. 

Love ya Steph xx



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