Thursday, May 23, 2013


Been loving the BeautifulMess app lately. 
It's really adorable omg. Yeah, you have to actually buy the app.
But this app is too cute not to buy!
There's a lot of cute doodles and fonts and phrases!
So I use some of my pictures from my previous posts for this app. Hahahaha.

Damn cute, aren't they?!

My laptop is fully restored which explains me posting pictures once again.
I never really like to use the Blogger app so don't come thinking I haven't heard of the app before lol.
There's school tomorrow and I don't know why I don't feel tired just yet.
There's a Math test tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I won't really do well.
I don't even know I even did it the previous test. Maths is never my thing actually. I don't like Math at all.
I joined an engineering course probably because I don't think I'm good at English either.
English is a subject I want to enjoy, not learn. Because learning English is quite tedious and I rather be stressed out for Math than English because that's what Math does. Trying to kill all students in this Earth.
Haiya, easy said I'm not that good in studies la. I don't have a particular favourite subject or something I'm really good at. I'm just, you know, average. :/ 

My friend gave me this chocolates as a gift for helping him do something which I'm not gonna post here.

That's all for this post. Will update soon!!



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