Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1st.

It's May 1st which means it's a public holiday and I'm just writing this post because I'm insanely bored and also, I'm going out soon so I'm thinking, Hey why not make a short post, right? So update on my life, I'm currently loving my school, especially my class. I never really been in an awesome bonded class since primary school so this is actually a first for me to be in a class that is so bonded after only like two and half weeks. For the first time, I actually can't wait to go to school thanks to my class. I never really like school (except for the friends part), honestly. Yet, I know I will miss it after I graduate from it. But I still prefer my secondary school life, I miss my friends. I mean, we watch each other grow up, man. And the NA stream has only two classes altogether so we literally saw puberty hitting our classmates hard. That sounds weird. I'm still reading, running and play my ukulele, watching New Girl and eating but not as much now (except for the eating part cos I still eat a lot.) because I have homework to do and school projects are already starting so yeah. I finally have something to look forward to now and that's really a big turn for me. And I thank God for giving me this opportunity to be actually happy about something. Not that I'm not happy I was just neutral about everything before poly. So yeah, I am not letting the bad things happened in secondary school to happen again here in polytechnic. It's more than enough. I absolutely love everyone here. :)




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