Sunday, May 19, 2013

Phone update

Hi everyone. 

My laptop is currently spoilt so I'm just updating from my phone instead. Sucks, eh? Anyway, this week has been quite a mess for me. Firstly, four of my Gardens by the Bay assignments are done but my laptop is spoilt and I tried to call the maintenance then I just realised it's the weekend sigh. So I'm panicking from Friday night till now, and hopefully I could call them to come over to my house tomorrow. And had a recent argument with one of my closest friends but now i don't feel like having this fight anymore because I don't feel it's any worth and he means a lot to me so yeah. I love my friends and I have only a handful of the closest ones so I don't feel the need to you know, be pissed off for so long so yeah. But honestly, the thing I'm worrying about the most is my laptop and my freaking assignments. I took a whole lot to do those man. I hope they won't have to reformat my laptop or what because I'm officially doomed by then.  (still wondering why didn't I save them in thumbdrive, smart thing suhailah smart thing.) So if my laptop continues to spoil, my IT teacher will deduct my marks and i can't reasoned out because it will mean I'm rude and she will also deduct my marks for my attitude. So much for being treated like a poly student sigh. The season finale of New Girl and TVD ended a few days ago and Teen Wolf haven't started yet so I have to survive this huge hiatus. Sigh. 


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