Friday, May 10, 2013

This Love.

Hey guys. Sorry for not updating that often. Been busy with school lately. So, an update on my life. I'm still loving my school. Nothing bad has happened, yet. I had a presentation last Monday (May 6) and I did my best, honestly and it turned out really well for me and I am beginning to love public speaking! But maybe I got that confidence from my experience as an exhibition guide at Science Center so that pretty much explains it :)

I bought my mum this particular blazer that she's been yearning since ever for Mother's Day and I am really glad she loves it! It's nice to make people happy. It's not that I want them to like me. It just gives me a huge sense of accomplishment after making a certain someone smile when they're sad or tired. And I was late for school this morning and this stupid guy kept pushing me even after I gave him an absolute OBVIOUS way for him to walk beside so I just said 'Oi' to him and he apologised and walked past me -_- I hadn't had any breakfast not even a sip of milo so I was dying on the way to school. During the short break, I quickly went to the shop below my block and bought two cans of Milo and as expected, energy boosted. Hahahaha. Met Fina they other day and I missed her alot, man. I haven't talk to her for like weeks.....? So we had a really quality catch-up on each others' lives. And I miss my uke partner, Nabila already. Hope she's doing fine so we can meet soon! So that's like a sort of huge update what's happening in my life hahaha. 

 I love New Girl's latest episode, man. I'm serious. It's nice and hilarious.

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