Monday, June 3, 2013

Have a lovely day, everyone!

Have a lovely day, guys! 
You guys deserve to be happy no matter how difficult your situations are.
Don't let those negative thoughts ruin your day and do what you want.
Unless you have exams today.
Some of you finished your exams, some just started today. 
Good luck to everyone who's having their exams this week and have a great holiday to those who are finished with theirs! Update your closet, it's the GSS season. Spam your closet with lots of apparels. Do something for yourself this time. You deserve it after all the rough days you've been in.
Be lame. Be annoying. Do what you want. Be happy. Laugh a lot. Make someone happy. Read books. Make yourself a great well-deserved drink or meal. Be crazy. Exercise. Take a stroll in the park. Dress-up (don't freaking care about the weather.) Hang out with your friends. 

You guys are awesome people :) xx


Suhailah. 18.
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