Thursday, June 13, 2013


My holidays are surprisingly not so hectic at all. Honestly, I never really cared about my homework unless they are essays and math tutorials. Projects are the tricky part. My Math group finally finished our Math project and that’s like a HUGE burden off my shoulders. I still have ITA, PD projects plus the English presentation. It’s so so so tiring for me to be thinking about how to do them fast and get over with. Sigh. I need a getaway, seriously. With some friends in a chalet having lots of fun and relaxing.

Jem is not open yet which disappoints me a lot. I’ve been wanting to head there to do some shopping and I thought you know, people from the West finally have some hope of not going all the way town just to do their shopping or hanging out. Sigh, but hey I’ve started my shopping last Sunday and it is extremely productive, I swear! The sales are everywhere and I am too happy to be shopping. Maybe I should consider do a haul post soon after the GSS ends. And also, Ramadhan is coming in a few weeks and it’s the fasting month all over again! I am excited yo! Because I love to buka with my friends. It’s just so fun and lively and everyone eating pasar malam food. I don’t even wanna name them because my cravings will be full of street food and that’s…..bad…. Can’t wait to do another shopping sprees again including baju kurungs this time.

Have a nice day, everyone! x

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