Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Random Facts about myself

Ok, I'm gonna state random facts about myself and this post might turn out weird in the end but I'm still gonna do it BECAUSE I CAN AND I WILL.

Let's start!

1. I am a lazy person.
Yes, I am. I love thinking of doing a lot and a lot of stuffs but when it comes to actually doing it, I just turn back around, jump onto my bed and sleep. Yeah, I am lazy to study and do house chores. Don't mistaken them for hate. I don't hate doing these stuffs, I am just lazy lol.

Too much that it hurts. Milo is like my soulmate. No, really. I can't live without milo. I will die if one day they actually stop making milo powder and I have no one to accompany me in the dark. Milo is like my life, my best friend. No one can NEVER ~ EVER~ be compared to Milo. NEVERRRRRRRRR

3. I play the ukulele.
It all started around last year. I told myself I must learn something new during the six-months holidays after my 'O' Levels ends. So the ukulele thought came about when..............actually, it just came to me during one of the nights. Why ukulele and not guitar? I don't know. Maybe because there's four strings in a ukulele so it might be a great start for someone who does not have any slight experience of playing an instrument (Like me.) So I learn the basic chords from Nabila, and I learn the rest all by myself. So yay.

4. New Girl.
I love New Girl like a lot. Wait, more than a lot. It currently has two seasons and Season Two just ended so I'm just painfully waiting for the next season. So, while this show (& TVD) ended on the same week, Teen Wolf Season 3 just started the following week, so it helps me to lessen the pain of the New Girl hiatus. 

5. Shopping
I shop till I drop. Hahahahah no la. I love shopping doesn't matter if it's online, or at the mall or flea markets. I mean I'm not that serious into fashion. I just buy apparels that caught my eye or something that suits me the best. So yeah.

6. I have 3 brothers.
Sigh, my life. I can totally imagine myself in the show 'Life with Boys'. I have one older - He's like 20. And two younger, 15 & 12. All of them are play hockey 24/7. They share a room together and the room smells like a typical guy room (If you don't know what does a typical guy room smell like, then don't ever think of it.) It's never clean unless me or my mum actually did some spring cleaning on that room. They are a pain in the ass, they fight (like a real fight, with throwing each other and punching and planking on each other.) the older one is too bossy, the younger one is always by himself and the youngest one is too too too noisy omg. But you know what, I'm actually kinda lucky I'm the only girl because I think I spend a lot. And I think my mum would literally be out of money if she has 4 daughters instead of one. In another way or so, I still love my brothers and I believe they will be great men when they are older.

7. I actually love to dance.
Like I can't hear an upbeat song without having the urge to dance and it sucks if I'm in public because I cant literally dance so I have to dance in my head lol. I'm not in some dance group or anything because I don't want to commit to it anymore so I just danced at home when I'm alone. And just learn dance steps online. Yeah, I love dancing but I don't want to be committed to it. 

8. I love being funny and weird.
Yeah, if my friends started laughing at what I'm saying, I will be like "Su, you did a good job" and reward myself a cup of milo. I love being weird too sometimes because I love that feeling when I get to see my friends do a facepalm or a double faceplam (Harith) or when they start asking each other whether do they know me. YES I LOVE BEING WEIRD. 

9. I love pranking my brothers.
Sometimes when they are studying with the door almost closed, I will like get ready my phone camera and video myself slamming the door open and scream "PRANKS" and run away. Or I would spray a very strong perfume into their room and secretly video-tape them coughing because of the smell. Maybe I should be a pontianak and scare them in the middle of the night.

10. Marvin Marvin

Okay so that's all for this weird post. I hope you guys know a little more about me. And I will post soon! x

Suhailah. 18.
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