Saturday, June 1, 2013


I am really down with flu this week. 
I was feeling weak and lost appetite really easily that I rarely go for my school lunch breaks nowadays.
And I have a blocked nose which I hate the most out of any slight illness there is because I have to freaking breathe with my mouth and that kept me from sleeping last night plus the flu and sneezing. 

I hate being sick man. I don't know why some students want to be sick just so they wouldn't need to attend school. If you don't want to attend school that day, then don't attend la! Just buy MC from the nearest polyclinic only lol. Okay la I've gotta admit I always did that during secondary school myself or normally I wrote the parent letter and asked my mum to sign it for me hehe.

Anyway, I'm out meeting my friends again yesterday night. It was really a pointless adventure at Marina Bay Sands, I swear we walked around the place like poor and lost kids that we decided to head down to town instead. Hahahaha. Again, it's been awhile since we last saw each other (except for firrian and harith), even steph. We're from the same school yet we have not seen each other for weeks.

GSS is coming!! Are you excited?!! Hahaha! I am!
Especially when Jem is opening soon around mid-June (I think should be 11) at Jurong East!
Shops like H&M, Dorothy Perkins, Mango,  M&S, Sephora, Blogshopping, Topman/Topshop, Uniqlo, Victoria's Secret, TraceyInny and more will be opening there!! Like hello, it's opening during the GSS period!!!???
I get excited just by naming the shops omg haha
I stay at Boon Lay so it is super-convenient for me to just go and shop there.
Hope you guys have a great holiday!
 I'm still having two exams next week and I'm free! I know most of you already having holidays la okay *jealous* tsk.

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