Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wake Me Up.

Some pictures from the past few days. School started a week ago, and I have two projects left which is good because one of them is almost done yay. I've been listening a lot to Ed Sheeran's + album recently, and I just can't get his tunes outta my head idk why!! It's so nice to listen to when I want to hear something that is soothing! Hahaha.

Sorry if I didn't actually really update a real post because I'm just busy with school lately. And I'm easily tired too so yeah. Still loving my school, especially my class. My classmates are really lovely! Ramadhan is on next Tuesday! I just can't wait. I want to go to the famous Geylang Serai to get some Ramly Burger, Dendeng, Goreng Pisang (Banana Fritters), Keropok Lekor and more! Okay Ramadhan hasn't even started and I'm already feeling eggciteddddd!! 

Presentation tomorrow and I'm nervous so I'm heading to my bed to sleep. Goodnight guys x


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