Thursday, August 15, 2013

Life again

I am captivated by you, baby, like a fireworks show.

Okay, starting a post with Taylor Swift's lyrics might be weird. And you guys probably think I am going to blabber about love. 

Hahahahaha, not. 

Sorry. But it's not that. I don't really know anything about love or fallen in love before. So I figure I have no rights talking about the "L" word. Who could I even blame? I'm only seventeen, though. Unless it's love for family and music. Yes that's an undying love that will never fades even if some idiot (who knows which idiot) would try to break it.

So anyway, it's my semester break. So I'm technically bored. I am still waiting for all the Hari Raya outings plans with friends to be thrown out at me. Otherwise, I've been constantly reading stories from Wattpad. These people seriously write good storyline. I can see why they have millions of reads on their stories. I am starting to miss my friends actually. Every single friend I have now. I will eventually meet my poly friends next Wednesday for exams.

I am counting to meet my other friends soon. I miss everyone. And something awkward happen a few days ago with me and my family. I didn't actually expect the situation to turn out normal and cheery though. I was expecting shouting, and ordering and fights happening. So thank god for that. Although I'm not sure if everything was just an act to us because I didn't feel it coming naturally and you guys might think what am I even talking about loll.

Alright off to reading more stories. You guys should really read these stories on the Wattpad app. They're like e-books but they are written by users from all around the world. It's worth reading if you're free and bored. You might actually get addicted to them. Just saying.

Byeeee *grace helbig's voice again*


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