Thursday, August 1, 2013

My life.

My life has been great so far. I mean, this year is really a good year. More than half a year has past and I've not been in any girl dramas (yet). 2013 is really an awesome year. I can't believe I never felt miserable to go to school this year (yet). My class has a bunch of lovely people and I'm really grateful to God for giving me this group of lovelies. Eternally grateful to everyone who has/had been in my life. Even to those who left, I mean hey you help me learn something in life. Considering the number of setbacks I've been through, I felt like this is a reward year for me to just relax from everything for awhile. I'm lovin' it (JT's voice). 

Ramadhan is gonna be over in a week and it scares me that it's that fast. My friends told me I've been losing weight over the month which is good for me even though I felt like I've become fatter with the amount of food I ate everytime I break fast.My jubahs are perfect. I can't wait to wear them. I feel beautiful in them. I love clothes that make girls feel beautiful and confident. 

And I sing a lot, (like way a lot) these few days until my mom actually threatens to break my ukulele if I am gonna make noises in the middle of the night again. o_o I sang in class and no one had problems with it......or maybe they do but they are just keeping quiet bout it loll T_T

My semester break is starting soon and I am searching for a job again. Finally can earn $$$ again. I have to buck up for Physics as I'm really weak in this annoying module. And I have to get a 68% for my mock test which is tomorrow and I haven't done any studying as you know, I'm blogging duh. But hey I still have dramas and Teen Wolf to catch up (two episodes late). New Girl and TVD is coming soon and I'm really really excited. Not really for TVD because Elena frickin chose Damon and that is stupid but again, I'm excited because Stilas is gonna act as Stefan as Stefan is locked up in a coffin loll. I'm more in for New Girl because like duh, Nick and Jess, Schmidt and Cece. Season Two is a killer! I hope Season Three would be extra killer.....?


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