Thursday, September 26, 2013

Feelings Thursday.

 I especially treasure my moments with Fina. Because she's been there since like forever. It's crazy how 13 years has passed and we are still as close as ever, although we don't talk often since secondary school. I mean, our childhood is mad-wild crazy, man. It's just really fun-filling and stupid and hilarious. We still laughed about it till now. And I've got a feeling we're still gonna laugh about it even in the future. It's been years and she's getting taller, sweet and gorgeous and I'm still me except I'm less talkative and hyper. 

My only source of happiness is my friends. Really. I do feel bad about not including my family but it's the truth. My family were there once. After that, everyone grew up and became distant from each other. I still envy those families that still stuck with each other even when they're older. My family, unfortunately, are not one of them. I never talked about my feelings to them anymore. I can't even remember when's the last time we went on a holiday together. And when we reached home, we would take a shower, have our dinners separately and went into our room afterwards. There's no bonding anymore. And it's kinda sad. That everything changed as years passed. My big brother is heading to NS next year and my small brother is already having his 'O' Levels and the year after, bam, he's in polytechnic. It's scary to me, honestly, on what the future holds for us all. Will we become successful? Will we still remember and contact each other? Honestly, seeing the situation now, I don't even know. 


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