Sunday, September 1, 2013

I wanna see you be brave.


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you're having a great time and prepare for work/school the next day. I will never be ready for work even on weekdays. Ha ha. 

So recently, I'm starting to love Sara Bareilles' latest album The Blessed Unrest. It is perfection. Her songs in this album are perfection. I became a huge fan of hers now. Not that I wasn't before. It's just that I'm never been in love with her songs as much as now. But if you haven't listened to this album, I am typing-begging you to do so. Yes, typing-begging is a word in moi dictionary. Seriously guys, I love exactly every song in this album right now and it has been on replay countless when I'm at my office doing my work. Believe it or not, I've only played this album during my whole work hours. That's how I never get tired of it.

Nonetheless, have a great day guys. Post soon.
Byeeeee *grace helbig's voice*

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