Sunday, September 8, 2013


Dear everyone.

Sorry I didn't update this space for quite a while. I've been busy with my job lately. And when I got home, I just jumped onto bed and stared into the air for two hours before falling asleep. I worked at Civil Service College if you guys didn't know. And no, it' just a temporary job before school starts on October.

Anyway, had a great outing with my best friends. We chilled at Moonstone @ Mount Faber and had some nice talks with each other.

This picture was supposedly to be some informal shot so looking up at the ceiling was our informal shot loll

I would totally be lying if I say I didn't miss them at all. In fact, I miss every single close friends I have right now especially those who in secondary school. And also my poly class. I haven't seen anyone in a while and this group of people are the first group I seen. Now I have a reason to hate my holidays
Chill at haneedah's place till 2 in the morning.

My 7 year old cousin.
I swear I missed the times where kids his age used to have toys as their source of fun and go out to the playground to have a great time and make new friends around the neighbourhood. Kids nowadays just have their eyes stick to games on tablets and would cry out if those tablets are taken away from them.

That's all that happened this week. Not much though but at least it's something.
Will post soon.

Suhailah. 18.
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