Saturday, October 12, 2013

Feel free.

I love how you meet the people you love and suddenly we don't care about the rest of the world. We just chill, love and laugh like we always do. If you felt like that with someone, don't him/her go. Hold on tight onto that person forever.

Anyway, I am finally done with my job. A huge part of me just want to just kneel on my knees and cry of happiness but that tiny part will always miss how lovely everyone was at there. It's mentally tiring there and I can't believe how almost one and a half months passed! And next Wednesday is already the start of school. Oh no. But I get to meet my lovely classmates so that's a good thing. And have you watch New Girl, Nick is the sweetest person in this show. My love for this shows never stops. It's continually refreshing unlike TVD where the storyline sucks more as the seasons comes along. I know it's just the 3rd season but I never gotten tired yet. I will always wait every single week for the new episode and downloaded it straight away. 

It's already almost the mid of October. 2013 passes so fast and I barely gotten anything started. :(


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