Sunday, October 20, 2013


So I bought my first Urbanears product after like so so long and I instantly fell in love with it the moment it landed onto my hand.

Urbanears already had their Plattan models which are very comfortable headphones that fit right onto your head without seeming too big and also cushions both your head and your ears too. 
I never really liked wearing headphones before because I feel they are too big for me and are uncomfortable to wear but Urbanears proved me wrong.
The one I bought is the RE:PLATTAN where the colours aren't the only reason for its name but this headphone is also eco-friendly. 

"The Re:Plattan uses a lot extra, in the form of scrap parts from previous color collections. The result is a patchwork pair of headphones that give creatures big and small extra room to roam. By working together with Pax, every pair of headphones comes with the GPS coordinates of five square meters of rainforest in Costa Rica that is protected with purchase. Because every little part counts."

So for every pair of this headphones model bought, it's like you are saving 5m2 of the rainforest in Costa Rica! 

And I've gotta admit if you have a big head, it might hurt a little after wearing so long but like shoes, wear them often and they will automatically stretch for your head so you will feel comfortable wearing them in the future. 

You have no idea how many photos I took with this headphones hahahhaa.

It is super pretty. And eco-friendly. How could anyone resist to buy these. With a one-year warranty, they are good quality headphones and has a microphone connected at the wire (applicable for all kind of phones!) so you don't have to bring your phone out to talk to your friends! It has one wire connected to one side of the headphone so it will be easier for you to take it off. And you can fold it inwards so it won't take up much space. So convenient! 

I believe this might not be my last time buying anything from Urbanears. :)

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