Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Being reflective at the moment.

I've gotta say, being reflective might not be the best thing as it makes us overthink, a lot. And by a lot, I mean like A LOT. Because afterwards we might think of the problems that don't even exist even in the beginning.

During my first two years in secondary school, I wish to have a lot of good friends that will last with me till I'm old. So there, I was going to making friends happily.And to be honest, I don't actually stay contact with more than half of the friends I have and only of my close friends are with my until now. I mean, come on, guys, how many of the people in your contacts are those you have not seen or talk to in months or years? You get what I mean?

So, anyway, I don't get why are dramas still happening even though you have not seen these people (be it primary school or secondary school or just friends outside school) in a long time. I just don't get it. I'm not pinpointing at anyone in particular, though. Just making a general statement. I especially hate that sometimes bad things unexpectedly happen to you done by someone unexpected. Are they actually having a grudge over the months......or years? So, people who received this "bad treatment" tried to stay quiet and prevent themselves from saying what's on their mind because they will still get judged no matter.

But then, there will be those sayings like "Care so much on what people think for what?" or "Do what you want! It's a free country.". Well too bad. They are some people are conscious on what people think of them. They don't want to cause dramas and politics for the sake of what we did. Admit it, you are curious of what people say or think about you, whether good or bad. Because, it's about you. Because you are the topic they talk about. Like, what about you that is soooooo much worth being talked about?

So, to these conscious people, they tend to care about other people more than themselves which is stupid to me because these people might be those who don't know shit about them. Can't we all just be nice to each other? Like, why must dramas, fights, politics and backstabbing even exist? What has the world become? Can't we just appreciate everyone and be nice to each other? No lies, no insults.....

Maybe the world might become a better place.


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