Thursday, January 9, 2014

Too Easy.

Do you ever had those times when you feel like things get easier and easier for you? Like suddenly everything goes pretty fact, too well that you become too worried about how actually easy this is?

I don't know if you guys ever felt that way before. Probably during exams when those Math questions become too "chicken feet" out of nowhere and you strongly feel there's some tricky stuff somewhere in within. I don't know. But either way, I'm glad it becomes pretty ok for me now and I don't have to worry much....for now. 

Ngee Ann Poly Openhouse is too too too crowded omg. It's hard to move because either it's squeezy or the people in front of me and my friends are just slow to walk. 

I am having a pretty crazy time here in NP even though it's not that much crazy but a great time hahahah.
But anyway, I was rejected by SP and got into NP instead and at first, I was quite sad but hey, if I hadn't gotten into this poly, I wouldn't have met some amazing people whom I now call my friends now. 
So, I am beginning to really love this poly and thank god I got in here. 

So choose NP, 'O' Level students, ITE graduates and whoever is still deciding between which poly to go! It's going to be a great journey! :)


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