Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Pasts.

Another reflection night! Or morning.

We all have our own pasts. Some good...some bad. Whether or not, we do regret doing the stupid stuffs we've done back then.

Like you shouldn't have gone obsessive over that crush of yours because nothing actually happened between you two in the end. Or, how you shouldn't have worry so much over someone who doesn't give two shits about you at all. Or, maybe if you studied harder, maybe you would've gotten a better course, a diploma, a degree or even a great job.

Being bullied or abused badly, doesn't matter from a friend or an abusive parent, in the past could be one of the worst past someone could have. Victims often wanted to confide in someone but were too afraid to. Maybe they did but they told them not to do anything such as reporting it to the police or call someone who can actually help them. In the end, these victims lived a very horrible phase and no one was there to help because he/she told them not to.

Years after we went through that phase, it's still unbelievable that the pain is there. The memories of the abuse, the bullying.....they are still haunting us back, tormenting and hurting us so bad. And the thing is, we are already in good terms with people who caused it. But why does it hurt so much whenever we see them acting perfectly normal and pretending nothing ever happened between the both of you? When it killed and STILL killing you inside? 

I feel that we should not judge someone according to their pasts. I mean, our past doesn't reflect us during the present or in the future. 

Yeah sure thank that bully for turning you into the person you are now, thank them for making you have the drive to succeed. That is fine. But never let the memories of those people bring you down. Don't even try to let them do. Won't going back into the past and start thinking the what-ifs be more tiring? It's the present so stay IN the present. Yes, it hurts. It will heal. Just like the injury on your arm from the fall from bicycle when you were a kid. Don't make your past into a weakness but instead turned it into a strength instead.

Like, if you are encountering a problem, you should think "hey you know what, I've been through worse...this should be nothing."

I don't think you should boast about how better of a person you are now, seeing how you went through a bad phase in your life. If someone ever encounter the same problem as yours did, help them. Don't let them stop you from helping. They might hate you for it now. But trust me, they will thank you in the future.

Some of you probably had worst than this case. But hey, it's the past. Don't let it become an agony and make you a miserable person even after years. It's not going to change anything. It's never worth it.


Suhailah. 18.
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