Sunday, March 2, 2014

Being too nice.

A few days ago, I was asked what's my weakness. It was so hard thinking what kind of weakness do I have. Hence, I blurted out that I give in too easily to people. It was so sudden and I didn't know how that came out.
So, I met Steph afterwards for some shopping at town. Gosh, I never felt so burden in my life. I couldn't buy anything at all, not even a shirt, because I am saving up for something. Will let you guys know soon.

Anyway, when I was in the bus back to interchange, I kept thinking about saying, or in this case blurting, out my weakness to that person. I mean, yeah, I give in too too easily and I have high tolerance of people and being way too nice to others. I help to run errands for people all the time without even complaining once and I try my utmost best to be calm if something pisses me off. That day, during my class chalet, I was teaching a friend how to play the guitar and I swear my head was about to burst. But bursting out at my friend is never the solution for me because first of all, it's not cool (LOL) and secondly, I knew beforehand that I will be stressed out teaching anyone how to play but I still choose to teach so why not. So I continued teaching her because I will feel great once she can fully play the guitar. As long as she's happy, I'm happier.

 I don't remember teasing anyone badly though. (If I did and you're reading my blog right now, please tell me.) It could be just a small tease but I don't remember going way beyond the line and make fun of their insecurities. If I did, I apologised straight afterwards and won't do it again. 

So I asked another friend what does she think of this. And she said it's actually more of a strength than a weakness but I made it look as though it's a bad thing as I've ended up letting people take advantage of me and I have a weak heart towards making people sad or offended. And it led me to thinking, why did I tell that person my weakness? My actual weakness. Will they take advantage of it? Are they going to help me withstand it? Because at the same time, I don't want to go around saying no to people's request or start making fun of others. 

My friend said it's okay to help people around and you know, being kind and friendly. But once it reaches to the point where you realise he/she is taking advantage of you, stop and drop everything. That's where I should say no. If the person plead and you're just tired of doing every single thing for him/her all the freaking time, apologise and tell her to do it or face the problem herself. I mean, it's our own life, why are we letting people constantly tell us what to do for them. 

We don't live for them. We live for ourselves to do better and uphold our values. 


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