Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hong Kong Photo Journal Day 1

I'm doing a short photo journal for each day in HK. Because I am lazy to explain things happening.
But to summarise this day......
We touched down at HK and took bus A21 to Nathan Road where our hotel is located at.
And we set out and went to places around Tsim Sha Tsui such as:-
Kowloon Mosque, Kowloon Park, Avenue of the Stars, Victoria Harbour, Harbour City, Granville Road.
And I didn't take as much pictures because I was depending on my camera and I regretted it a lot somehow.
All the pictures here were taken with my Iphone camera and I'm lazy to take out my camera. Hahaha
So this journal has a lot of my faces in it. #sorrynotsorry.



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