Sunday, August 31, 2014

Feeling reflective.

Hung out with fina the other day. just a pure hang where (obviously) pictures were taken, laughs and h2h talks were, a little bit of shopping and just hangin around and be mentally crazy at the same time.

She's one of the greatest people I have met besides my mum, steph and some of my pfp classmates. I don't really say much to them but I'm really thankful these kind of friends exist in my life. 

Late last night, my friend asked me, "Isn't having many friends really tiring?".
I just shrugged it off and answered, "I don't have a lot of friends but I do believe it gets tiring.".
I mean yeah, ask those who have a lot of friends by their side.

The amount of friends I have is very little. And by "friends", I meant those who are there for me (vice versa), the ones who I am still comfortable with even when we haven't talked to each other for months. They are nicest bunch ever. We tease, hit, laugh at each others' silly and funny mistakes, probably never reply their texts just because. But the thing is, we are still there, caring and loving one another no matter what happens. We would hear them out even when it's 2am when they are feeling at their worst. I mean, those reflective thoughts lead to overthinking almost all the time.

Bringing you back to me and my friend's conversation above, it also gets tiring even when you have little friends. But the difference is that, it's more worth it. The people who are worth the lack of sleep, worth hearing them out, worth the hurt and pain.....because the satisfaction in the end is just amazing. Where their happiness are yours too.  And that's the kind of friendship I am glad that's happening in my life.

Lengthy post but yeah, just needed something to write my thoughts in.
Heading to Tioman tomorrow morning. Super excited! Might be vlogging though :)



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