Sunday, August 17, 2014


Some pictures I had with me the past few weeks....

Semester break is coming soon which is a huge yay! I get to do things I've been wanting to do such as sleep and watch more tv shows and finish probably 2 seasons in 24 hours. Hahahaha just kidding ((not really)). Great things happened the past few months where I have made new friends who are really great, incredible and fun, and I attended my first sports competition (( I know, lame right?)).

Hari Raya was great and crazy as usual. But I never really went for much visiting this year like the past few years. Reasons because, I'm just lazy and my family's lazy. I spend a lot these days I don't know why but I've been trying to get rid of this behaviour of mine for a while now and obviously it failed. My mum nags a lot on this matter how materialistic I am, which I don't think I'm not but maybe from others' pov, I might be.

I will try to update again after exams. So excited for Tioman trip. x


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