Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goodbye 2014

Just decided to end this year with an update in my blog hah.

2014 has been a tricky year. It's filled with countless of great memories from my PFP Graduation to the NPFP first ever orientation camp and then there's my Hong Kong trip to my officially first year in NP. And then I had this very annoying job that I got through nabila and stayed for 5-6 months before I stopped. Then, there's the Tioman trip where I bonded with great people around me that I wish we will do so again (although the chances of that is as small as a grape). And I finally had the courage to cut my hair to neck length and it's one of the best decisions I have made my entire life and I dont have the intention to have long hair anymore. And what's not to forget was, I got back on path again with an old friend and this time we will stay on for real. 

It's an amazing journey full of fun, bittersweet memories plus all the life lessons I have learnt this year. 2015 is arriving and I hope to start and end that year well. I am still struggling in adapting to my modules so it's time I have to put an end to that and push myself to become a better person in every single aspect in life.

Like be more positive in everything. Stop using my mum's money in buying my wants. Learn for the fun of learning and not for the sake of exams. Learn more baking or cooking recipes. Try to do more things on my bucket lists. Talk to more people. Stop trying to please others and do things for yourself. Engage in healthier activities. 

Maybe if I become a better person, I can be truly of happy and satisfied with myself and my life.

So goodbye 2014. Thanks for everything.

Suhailah. 18.
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