Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Sucha gloomy day.

Actually everyday is a gloomy day at school haha. Well, it could've been one today if I wasn't surround by really fun + annoying company. And that includes texting all my four best friends. Yes, I have to admit I wasn't listening half the time during class. Lessons are draining my soullllllll

As I sit here updating this space while listening to Avril Lavigne's I'm With You (I know, I'm old-school), I can't help but to wonder how do people start trusting you? Is it when you hang out with them long enough for that to happen? Is it how you convey yourself to them? Or maybe, they just suddenly had a glitch that you're trustworthy?

A friend entrusted me with one of their secrets today and we aren't that close enough for one of us to telling out our secrets to each other. But he did. And it surprises me for a little while until I realise he needed someone to talk to and he's been keeping it in him for quite a while. So I listened. Then I figured it out. I don't know if you have that trustworthy face in you or not but I think the reason why people start trusting you is because they feel connected to you. It's where their hearts starts to open up slowly by slowly to you and if you prove them right about their instincts, that's where it goes up to another level of trust. And obviously, you can't burst their secrets once they trust you. I mean, they let you see another side of them. And I know trusting you are their choices not yours blabla but have you ever gave a thought what would it be like if you're in their shoes?


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