Monday, January 5, 2015

You are worth so much more

You are worth so much more.

Don't tell yourself you can't take it anymore because in life, God gives every human being not too big of obstacles for them to handle. You are stronger than you actually think you are and sometimes leaving those unhealthy things/people behind might be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. You are worth so much more in life than letting people just take advantage of you.

Know that you are always loved and they can be your family, friends, girlfriend/boyfriend, your teachers, those group of kids you have been taking care of at the student care, even that incredibly nice aunty from next door! We all have different life stories that for some, we might not be proud of. but it doesn't mean we should blame it on ourselves everytime. Learn to let it go. Set it free to the winds, they will take care of it. If you stop wandering around your past, you can be happier.

Do nice things for yourself. And for no apparent reason. You don't have to ace your exams or finally gotten employed for that job you always wanted. Most of us thought that rewards come when we finally accomplish goals when we can actually reward ourselves whenever we want to. So, go on. Get that dress you've always been eyeing on. Soak in a bubble bath with that awesome bath bomb you bought from Lush. Make yourself a nice hot cup of your favourite tea, catch up on the episodes of your favourite TV series that you have been missing out on (btw, Eye Candy is going to be released soon I am so freaking excited yay!!). Learn a few recipes, get a new haircut and yes, you can indulge yourself with order-in pizza! Don't forget to call your friends over.

These thoughts just came in randomly. I'm not sure how many people will read this space but if you are, I hope you are doing good so far and I wish you the best. :)


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